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Release Date:

October 2015

Public discussion of project progress:


Project design articles, in depth:

part-1 "Only R and Time reference needed"

part-2 "Ratiometric use of AD5933"

part-3 "Complete exclusion of DC from measurement"

part-4 "ESR meter vs Network Analyzer"

part-5 "First seven prototypes"


Brief Product Description:

UA315 is a reprogrammable benchtop impedance meter for frequencies up to 100KHz. It is Open Hardware and Open Source device designed for electronics enthusiasts, who make their own electronic lab devices. 


Technical Specs (preliminary design targets):

Model Name: UA315 (revision Beta Aug 2015)

Accuracy: 0.5% or better

Resolution: 3 or more digits

Impedance range: 0.001 ohm .. 1000 MOhm

Frequency range: 10Hz .. 200KHz

Excitation AC voltage: 1V or less

Excitation DC voltage: 2.5V

Protection from input voltage: Up to 500V

Power supply port: 5V / 1A round 5.1mm DC connector with cable for USB style power supplies or any other DC power supply. (Power supply is not included with device, when sold as assembled product or kit)

Dimensions: Approx 4" x 13" x 2"


Technical Specs for Kit (preliminary):

Model Name: UA315 as DIY Kit (revision Beta Aug 2015)

All specs: Identical to assembled device, when assembling instructions being followed.

Software: Preloaded Open Source software in form of Arduino Sketch

Programmability: On-board 6-pin male 3V ISP port connected to AtMega2560

Related Designs: Popular Open Hardware Arduino (TM) Mega R3 Board designed by Arduino in Italy.

IDE Compatibility: Arduino HEX output can be uploaded with STK500 programmer (not included with device or kit, when sold) with use of Atmel Studio through ISP port.

Parts count: 500..600+

Required extra parts: External DC power supply 5V / 1A with round 5.1mm connector or USB A socket.

Minimally required tools: Screwdrivers, crude soldering tools for through hole components

Recommended extra tools: Multimeter, reference precision passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors for independent calibrations), PbFree soldering related materials for modifications around presoldered SMT components, heatgun, shrink tubing for modding works, PC with Arduino and Atmel software and STK500 programmer compatible to AtMega2560, female-to-male header cables for STK500 connection to ISP. Dremel tool if the enclosure requires modding.


Retail Price (MSRP) in USA with an assumption that %5-15 will go to a retailer:

Completely assembled device: $349.00

SMT only assembled as kit: $299.00

SMT only assembled as kit, blank enclosure is not drilled or cut: $269.00

SMT only assembled, no probes, no enclosure as kit: $229.00

SMT only assembled, no probes, no enclosure, no 500V protection as kit: $219.00

Empty PCBs only, with parts, no probes, no enclosure, no 500V protection as kit: $139.90

Empty PCBs only, no parts, no probes, no enclosure, no 500V protection as kit: $44.90

Fully assembled Arduino compatible board only: $79.00

Online documentation only with all licenses and source code: $0.00