Vasiliy Khabituyev

I am software engineer with over 10 years of experience as developer and over 4 years of experience in Java and over 5 years with C#. I am proficient in all phases of SDLC from conceptual design to development, deployment and support. I am interested to continue my career as non-managing senior engineer. I am opened for contracts.

Most recent skills:

C#, .NET Framework (5 years), ASP.NET, WCF, Entity Framework/LINQ (3 years). SOAP/Web Services (4 years)

Skills in tools, technologies, SDLC, debugging

Microsoft Visual Studio (v2010, v2012 ..13), TFS, Eclipse, various DBMS, code analyzing and quality control tools. Markup documents handling tools. Skilled in integrating SDLC related software (software development life cycle), source repositories, various make tools, automated builds, documentation generators, software quality support, unit testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing, version branching, releases and maintenance of software production.

Other skills in Web development

REST WebServices, IIS, HTML, XHTML, IE scripting debugging, COM/Interop, ActiveX. W3C standards such as XML, XSD, WSDL, DOM, XPath, XSL.

Other skills

Delphi (5+ years), C++ (1 year, IDL, MFC), Java/JEE (4+ years). JDK JMX, EJB, JNI, JMX, JMS, Eclipse, JUnit, Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat, ActiveMQ, GWT. OMG models (Object Management Group) such as UML, MOF. WPF, XAML (1 year).

SQL, Sybase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux.Linux/Centos, Sun Solaris. MS Windows, Office, VBA, PowerShell, SOAPUI. Developer tools by Borland, InstallShield, Intel, Altova and others. ITIL trained.

Recent experience

2012-May 2014, Eagle Investment Systems, Bank of New-York Mellon, Wellesley, MA. Distributed Applications Developer

Key contributor to multiple projects. Acted as a mentor for developers at overseas location. Integrated, secured and automated parts of critical, large infrastructure of Eagle software hosted in-house for multiple clients. Developed .NET processes in C# with focus on unattended 24/7 run. Architected and developed intranet ASP.NET application. Developed SOAP webservices and webservice clients in C# with focus on security, reliability, low maintenance, self-recovery. Developed various adapters to perform as .NET resource inside IIS webserver: SSH client, remote Powershell, Windows Scheduler. Developed webservice clients for Exchange Mail server, TFS, ServiceNow, ActiveMQ plugin.


Tools, software: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Java, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, IIS7, SSL tools, SSH, HTTPS, Oracle providers for ASP.NET, Perl, JMS, PL-SQL Developer

2011-2012, Children’s Hospital, Boston. Applications Development Specialist

Integrating Anesthesia Information Management System with existing hospitals networks, databases, software and medical devices. Developing REST and SOAP webservices and webservice clients in Java and C#. Exposure to HL7.

2010-2011, Milara Inc., Medway, MA. Software Developer

PID motion control and machine vision software in C#, WPF GUI, .NET on Windows for stencil solder paste printer. Product (printer) includes 3 variations of machine with 2 or 3 motion controllers, multiple axes (15-22 motors), 2-3 cameras, pneumatic actuators, 3rd party sensors and secondary software components from multiple vendors (Cyber3D, Opteon, Halcon, DeltaTau, Phoenix Contact). Machine motion and vision involves accuracy in range of single microns and accelerations of up to 1-1.5g of heavy machine parts.

Responsible for all aspects of software development of product, team leading, providing architecture, managing outsourcing of development, testing, tuning of motion controllers. Working in a multidisciplinary mechanical/electrical engineering team. Over one year of project team was resized several times between 1 person and to up to 5. Project includes dozen of C# based assemblies, >100K of lines.

Invented and developed original method of 2D paste inspection. Developed and applied code safety practices and patterns for HMI (Human Machine Interface) with focus on safety of humans operating very fast and heavy robot, firmware scans, WPF data binding, command binding, plug-ins, locks, multithreading, exceptions handling, emergency stops, logging, recipe language, configurability.

Past experience

2003-2010, DST Global Solutions, Boston. Software Developer, Sr Technical Consultant

Specialist in metadata and data transformation. Designed sophisticated IDEs, plug-ins and utilities for financial enterprise integration. Provided production environment for full life cycle of several products. Specialist in scalability of massive data processing. Support roles for on-site software installations and upgrades, preparations of software demonstrations, development of proofs of concepts. Implemented dozens of installations, upgrades and provided support for customers and in-house use involving variety of DST and 3rd party products. Work in diverse global team >500 employees, delivering installations and support of products such as HiInvest, HiPerformance, HiRisk, HiNet. ~0.1..1GB of code each, ~0.1..1TB databases in test and production environments.

Notable achievements:

Major contributor to database semantic partitioning, critical for scalability of portfolio performance application. Accomplished an exhaustive scalability test at Sun Microsystems facility in Palo Alto, CA on Sun Fire E25K (72 CPU machine), setting the speed record for industry (Weblogic, Sybase, J2EE, Eclipse, variety of Sun Microsystems’ Java tools).The result has exceeded customer expectations in speed x10 times.

Improved speed of Risk Functions x40 times by porting Excel VBA to C++.

Improved speed of Product Environment preparation from several days of human workflow to 20 minutes in cloud.

Improved speed of WebSphere environment preparation. Manual run through 60 pages documentation was replaced with single launch of script.

2000 - 2003, Bremer Associates Inc., Newton MA, USA. Software Engineer

Developer for highly versatile MetaStreamer, Data Transformation product. Implemented GUIs for ETL modeling, metadata handling, and code generators. Implemented proprietary fully automated build process which included creation of installation package, installation steps, regression tests, errors detection and emailing test results overnight.


From career start to 2000, Various Jobs in Russia. Software Developer

Various private companies, government organizations, bank. Multiple accomplishments and successful products. As of 2013 some of my accounting products were reportedly still in use.

Education and training

Bachelor of Computer science. East-Siberian State University of Technology, Ulan-Ude, Russia.

Radio Engineering, 3.5 years education at Military Space Academy in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Other self-education in Electronics, Software Defined Radio, Embedded Programming

Radio theory of operation, XMOS transputers toolchain, .NET Microframework, Development for mobile Android, toolchain for Beaglebone ARM platform, scalable data processing algorithms. Understand circuits, electric laws and theory of operation of analog and digital electronic devices. As a skilled hobbyist do soldering. Assembler languages (x86, AVR), AVR Studio, Actel Libero IDE for FPGA development. Low-noise/low-drift accurate DC measurements of D/A converters using custom lab setups with USB-to-TTL, RS232, IEEE-488, software tooling involving Java. Skilled in using multimeters, LCR/ESR meters, oscilloscopes, RF level meter.


Hobby software projects:

FFTW3 replacement with Intel Math Kernel Library. Evaluating of quality of Power Spectrum calculations for very long sequences. Goal of exercise is to observe effect of length of sequence on value of noise floor, and other effects.

Java driven HP-IB/IEEE-488 setup. Integral Non-linearity (INL) of 14/16-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC).

Java, Eclipse, HP3456A voltmeter, IEEE-488 port converter, custom made boards for DAC testing.

Software model of FPGA-based DDS. Proof of concept. Test of quality of signal generated by FPGA based Direct Digital synthesizer (DDS) involving novel proprietary techniques. Delphi. Math modeling of DAC device involving FFT.


Open source projects

Software tool for binary diff compression/decompression for large files.

Multicore/parallel FFT in C# with 1 Gig samples capacity with low memory footprint.

Personal demo website with MVC project: