Welcome to my personal website !

My hobby projects

2002 bin2delta

2014 gigafft

2014 FTDI C# JTAG for Quark (in progress)

2015 Extended Range 0-100KHz Complex Impedance Meter (in progress)

2015 unitedatoms.com

2020 Low SFDR DDS (in progress)


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Why is the name unitedatoms ?

It stands for soldering of electronic components together.


The most general description, of what makers do, is shaping and connecting the material objects .. real atoms. The end result of making is .. united atoms.


About me

My name is Vasiliy Khabituyev. I live in Boston area. My hobbies include electronics, embedded software and making random things like this website. My first college education started in direction of rocket science (physics, math, robotics) and electrical engineering (control systems, radio). Later I switched to software engineering and always had electronics hobby, being an enthusiastic maker.


Why was this site made ?

I had to try and see how web hosting, tools and services work today (in 2015).



All opinions are my own